Antonio de Souza Rodrigues

Possui graduação em GSI - Gestão em Sistemas de Informação pela Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia (2007).

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Formação acadêmica

Graduação em GSI - Gestão em Sistemas de Informação

2004 - 2007

Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia
Orientador: Prof. Dr. Ricardo Rodrigues

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Formação complementar

2009 - 2010

MBA em Business Intelligence. (Carga Horária: 720h). , FIT - Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia. , Palavras-chave: Business Intelligence; Data Warehouse.

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Compreende Razoavelmente, Fala Razoavelmente, Lê Razoavelmente, Escreve Razoavelmente.


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Compreende Pouco, Fala Pouco, Lê Pouco.


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Valderes Fernandes Pinheiro

Rodrigues, R;PINHEIRO, V. F.. Wimax: Um novo conceito para uma rede de valor e negócios.. 2008. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação em Sistemas de Informação) - Faculdade Impacta de Tecnologia.

Histórico profissional

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Experiência profissional

  • 2007 - Atual

    Keyrus Brasil

    Vínculo: , Enquadramento Funcional: Senior Consultant - Business Intelligence, Carga horária: 44

    Outras informações:
    1st Time: 02/2007 - 12/2008 2nd Time: 04/2014 - at moment Project BIMM (BI Magneti Marelli) - the customer in question was the FIAT GROUP in its subsidiary in Magnetti Marelli Hortolândia Interior of Sao Paulo. The project was developed in partnership with MicroStrategy Keyrus where the team was responsible for drafting and modeling data in a model Snowflake. The tools used for the project were SSIS connecting with Mainframe and composing data in a database, SQL Server 2005. Telefonica Business Intelligence Project Codename: SNIPER - the big difference this project were the number of databases and legacy systems involved, the main sources were databases Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005, Microsoft Office Excel and Microsoft Office Access. The latter two sources of data sources were sporadically. Another important factor to be mentions in relation to the volume of data that in some cases out of over 100 million records extracted from legacy systems that DW was composed with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and extraction tool was Microsoft SSIS. Projects executed in 04/2014 - at moment Project: Alelo: Development of reports and dashboards using MicroStrategy for such a tool for extracting data was used Oracle ODI tool. Other common activities were also developing Shell Script to automation of processes in the CA Tool ControlM. Objective: To assist the customer in small projects also known as FastTrack. Project: Odebrecht: Resource allocation in order to meet customer demands for data integration using Oracle ODI tool, development and multidimensional database maintenance Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, maintenance reports in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services tools, Microsoft Office Sharepoint, Oracle Endeca and Microsoft DataZen.

  • 2015 - Atual

    BRFish - Associação

    Vínculo: Founder, Enquadramento Funcional: Founder, Carga horária: 20

    Outras informações:
    Founder of the institute of oceanographic research BRFish. This is a first institute with commercial purposes for organization the fishermen for produce fish in offshore aquaculture model.

  • 2013 - 2014

    Café Três Corações Ltda

    Vínculo: Celetista, Enquadramento Funcional: Business Intelligence Analyst (Senior), Carga horária: 44

    Outras informações:
    Implementation of SAP technology solutions to meet the demands for Business Intelligence and Planning. - SAP BW - SAP BO (Business Objects) - Modules SAP CO-PA - SAP BPC consulting partner - Neoris ( - Consulting Unit ( - Consulting Apice (

  • 2012 - 2012

    Aço Cearense (Steel Company)

    Vínculo: Celetista, Enquadramento Funcional: Sistem Analyst (Senior), Carga horária: 44

    Outras informações:
    The Business Intelligence project began with the aim of we generate one DW to meet the needs of the Board and the Presidency of the group and also with the clear objective of maintaining a database with 10 years of management information for decision making. However it was necessary to adjust the data model so that it was possible to load data in SAP ERP implementation that began in 2013. We highlight the importance of this project Mobile Business Intelligence where shareholders and directors receive alerts on their mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and other devices (tablet and Smartphone) endued with Android operating system. To make the project can rely on the MicroStrategy platform OLAP, Database Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and the Microsoft SSIS data integration. The areas covered were shareholders, Commercial Director, Administrative Director, Sales, Credit Analysis and IT

  • 2010 - 2013

    Esplanada Brasil

    Vínculo: Celetista, Enquadramento Funcional: Business Intelligence Analyst (Senior), Carga horária: 44

    Outras informações:
    Develop reports and dashboards to meet the areas of planning departments, Controller trade, Administrative Controller, Purchasing and Credit Card. Implementation and mapping objects such as facts, attributes and metrics of MicroStrategy. Script Development MicroStrategy Command Manager as setup application on Linux server RedRat. Development of routines for using ETL tools such as Pentaho Data Integration (enterprise version) and OWB. The main highlights of the project are to analyze the complexity of the information due to the large volume of data in the ETL process and also the use of the data in memory which allowed the great performance of the analysis. As being one of the first companies in the state of Ceará to adopt BI in unprecedented levels Lojas Esplanada have a multitude of advanced tools for analysis of information allowing real-time visualization of sales occurred in all stores. However the information onLine enable instant decision-making thus increasing the importance of Business Intelligence in the corporation. In 2013 we are enabling the deployment of Mobile Intelligence for iPad and iPhone initially.

  • 2010 - 2012

    Splenda Consultoria

    Vínculo: Manager for Bioenergy Market, Enquadramento Funcional: Manager for Bioenergy Market, Carga horária: 15

    Outras informações:
    Business Inteligence Manager for Bioenergy Market.

  • 2009 - 2010

    Inove Consulting

    Vínculo: Consulting, Enquadramento Funcional: Business Intelligence Consultant Business ETL, Carga horária: 20

    Outras informações:
     Project Business Intelligence EMS Farmaceutica, the BI project to Farmaceutica EMS was developed to meet the needs of the Department of Research and Development Company, Data Mart told the principal sources of data in your ERP SAP PS module dedicated to developing and monitoring of projects. We rely on ORACLE LOADER as a tool to import text files to STAGE AREA and PL / SQL for the composition of Data Mart. The tool in question was for OLAP Microstrategy version 8.  Project Business Intelligence Magnetti Marelli design was emu ma review of some planning modules previously developed for me in another consulting firm.  Project Business Intelligence Tropical Bioenergy A / S, the BI project is one of the most innovative designs of sugar and alcohol market because it is an area little explored in relation to Business Intelligence. The design of a DataWarehouse cosist enterprise where I worked as an architect and technical lead for the same modeling, ETL and OLAP MicroStrategy. The project structure consists of Oracle as the data source. The ETL tool used was Microsoft SSIS in its 2005 version and OLAP in question was the MicroStrategy.

  • 2008 - 2009

    WIT Solutions

    Vínculo: Celetista, Enquadramento Funcional: Business Intelligence Analyst (Senior), Carga horária: 40

    Outras informações:
    Project Business Intelligence Publisher Saraiva the project consisted of developing a Data Mart with information from legacy operating company whose database at the time was the Oracle, for the composition of Data Mart has used Microsoft SSIS as ETL tool. OLAP was used as a tool Microsoft SSAS and visualization layer at the time the tool was used DSPanel.  Business Intelligence ALCOA Aluminium Project in Brazil. With the aim of exploring information related to marketing the company's proposed solution underwent a thorough evaluation in terms of business where we adopt the known techniques of marketing such as the Pareto principle for cleaning the active customer base among other concepts. For the composition of Data Mart use Microsoft SSIS and SSAS cubes Microsoft. Yet for the preparation of analytical reports and dashboards use two tools that were respectively DSPanel and Microsoft SSRS. The legacy system and main source of information was the Oracle.  Business Intelligence USJ Usina Sao Joao Composition of analytical reports and statements of investments of the company's operations in the commodities markets. To perform the ETL use Microsoft SSIS and reports were made with Microsoft SSRS.  Business Intelligence Shellmar Packaging. Review and customization of reports already in operation. The legacy system was SQL Server 2000. And the ETL was developed using SQL scripts in case STORED PROCEDURES.  Design of survey indicators UNIBANCO / Fininvest for solution composition to compose the data mart to analyze the sales force.  Project to survey indicators from the LILO / NOVARTS for composition of a data mart management in the company.

  • 2006 - 2007

    SK Intelligence

    Vínculo: , Enquadramento Funcional: Business Intelligence Analyst And Pre-Sales, Carga horária: 44, Regime: Dedicação exclusiva.

    Outras informações:
     Project Risk Analysis of Credit if the client was the Alfa Bank in Sao Paulo. Acting as an analyst ETL (SSIS), OLAP (SSAS) and Microsoft Office Sharepoint layer to display. The project had aimed to provide supplies information for the implementation of resolutions of the Central Bank in 2682 and 3360.  Project Risk Analysis Credit the customer in question was the Banco Nossa Caixa de São Paulo, participating in the modeling of ETL and analysis of business requirements for composition of the solution.  Project Risk Analysis of Credit if the client was the BRB BANK (Banco Regional de Brasilia), acting as principal analyst for Pre Sales, developing prototypes of the solution and planning of ETL and OLAP and business requirements for deploying the solution to meet the 2686 and 3360 resolutions  Project Risk Analysis Credit the customer in question BRADESCO BANK of São Paulo, acting principal analyst for Pre-Sales.  Project Development of modules and the Basel II Capital Allocation to compose the new solution modules CRI (Credit Risk Intelligence) main developing STORED PROCEDURES function in SQL Server 2005, multidimensional modeling, development of ETL (SSIS) and lay-out of reports. The project involved the use of Business Objects BI platform.

  • 2005 - 2005

    SINTEL Informárica Ltda.

    Vínculo: Colaborador, Enquadramento Funcional: Analista de Sistema., Regime: Dedicação exclusiva.

    Outras informações:
    Desenvolvimento de aplicativos em JAVA voltados a comunicação de módulos EDI. Elaboração de documentação como casos de uso, analise de requisitos de software, modelagem UML, modelagem relacional banco de dados ORACLE e SQL Server 2000/2005.